Precision Echo Phase II/Pilara 2000/TA Royal ???

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 08:34:25 2001

"Ernest" <> wrote:
> -Basis 108 labeled as a Precision Echo Phase II. This is an over engineered
> German Apple II clone but I'm not sure why it was repackaged as a Precision
> EP II. I believe that the Basis 108 was a beige color but the PEP II is a
> light milk chocolate brown. The thing seems to have been built to double as
> granite block -heavy, cast aluminum case (a real back breaker.) Does anyone
> have any documentation on this beast?

Your description of the casework reads like a Basis 108 to me, though
I didn't think it was all that heavy. Darker brown base, lighter
brown top, both cast aluminum. Definitely darker than the Apple ][

-Frank McConnell
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