Interest in UUCP?

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 14:01:57 2001

> Douglas Quebbeman skrev:
> >> Since most vintage machines can't run TCP/IP but CAN run uucp, would
> >> there be any interest in a dialup uucp node for retrieving email, files,
> >> etc specifically geared toward vintage machines?
> >I've been thnking of this in a bit wider context.
> >With some of the changes happening on the Internet, it's
> >not quite as friendly as it used to be. An alternative
> >network seems like a good solution, and uucp as been
> >with us for a long time. We could even host rogue USENET
> >newsgroups.
> IMO it's the opposite. Everyone's so friendly they've got molasses running
> of their arses. What the net would need would be some good olf-fashioned
> intolerance.

There's a Star Trek:NG episode where Picard meets a Captain of another
ship from a civilization where no one speaks in specifics, but in metaphor.
I felt very at-home with these fictional aliens, as I tend to speak in
metaphor as well.

Having said that, I meant friendly in what must have been a less-than-
apparant fashion. It's unfriendly in that too much traffic is channeled
through supernodes whose stability is questionable. It's unfriendly in
that you never know when a portal is going to suddenyl start sending
you cookies or snooping up your wazoo with clear gifs, and while all
this huge volume of web surfing and streaming-audio-and-video clogs
up the Net, it makes it damned near impossible to get e-mail and news
feeds through.

But yeah, a dose of intolerance can be healthy; I always think of
Peter Finch in "Network": "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take
it anymore!"

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