Transputer on eBay.

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 16:13:12 2001

Well, it's an eBay auction. I'm experimenting with selling items there
for once. The reserve is $50, but given that I spent twice as much on it
a few years ago, I don't feel too guilty trying to get that out of it.
Besides, baby needs a new VAX.

It's a nice kit which I never got around to using myself. It's pretty
little T425 w/1MB RAM with MS-DOS based cross-compilers for Occam 2, C,
and all the docs. It's also one of the first 100 of these kits made by
CSA (SN# A00096)--if that holds any significant value for anyone.

This one is unusual enough that I think it merits mentioning it here.
Hopefully I won't get flamed too badly.

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