Today's Exciting Acquisition & Microvax 3100 Question

From: Anthony Clifton - <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 20:15:05 2001

I mentioned last week about having a conversation about collecting
old computers and a kid I hired said he'd give me a computer.

It turns out to be a MicroVax 3100/30 with the scsi expansion box.

Now my question is this: I have a SCSI cd-rom drive (actually it's
a CD-R/RW drive but it won't record anymore but will playback)
that I got at work. (BTW, never buy Lacie stuff. Junk and they
don't carry parts for them. What a bunch of losers.)

At any rate, can I simply connect that drive to the machine and
use it to load things off cd? Or do I need a specifically DEC drive?


Anthony Clifton
Received on Mon Jun 18 2001 - 20:15:05 BST

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