VUNIC Surprise (Announcement 1)

From: Anthony Clifton - <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 20:22:46 2001

I just wanted to express my appreciation and surprise at the (shall I
call it) excitement and interest that has been generated by my
suggestion that we use UUCP to connect vintage machines.

Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to develop a working document
and working group structure (not TOO structured!) to restart the
UUCP Mapping Project (the whole thing, not just for vintage machines),
put up the web site for VUNIC/VUnet and build a hub machine...
possibly out the MVax 3100 or one of the Suns I'm getting this weekend
running NetBSD.

I'm just going to manage the Mapping Project, build a regional hub for
the upper midwest and put resources and information on a web site.

Several folks here have offered to help with these efforts and I'll be
contacting you next week to see about getting stuff actually rolling.

It's not my intention to try to influence the use of UUCP or to try to
control who builds hubs, backbones, etc...I'll leave that
to everyone else.

I think the idea of creating an alternate Usenet and spam-free mail
transports are absolutely wonderful ideas. I also want to encourage
the use of UUCP for transferring files and making them easily available,
in archive form, for others to retrieve. In Announcement 2, I'll
mention more about this.

Anthony Clifton
COO/CTO - Captain Jack Communications
Owner - Clifton Digital Resources
Founder - The Internet User's Group of Iowa
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