Tomy Tutor and Secret Weapons of Commodore updates

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 20:44:57 2001

Well, as sort of a pre-emptive thing while the DNS updates, the Commodore
(and Tomy) services I've maintained on with the generous
support of Earl Evans have now moved off to my own server. Fortunately for
y'all, you can still access them under the addresses; it
will redirect to the floodgap site until I figure out what to do next.

Hidden in here is a new update for Secret Weapons of Commodore, by the way
(when you get the 16 June-dated ninth edition, you're ready). There's now
a completely new entry on the *original Lorraine prototype*, along with shots
of the unit and the boards, plus concept sketches, of the unit that Dale
Luck showed off at the last VCF (4.0) in San Jose; complete photographs and
a completed entry on the *Commodore Cash Register* "PET Register" (thanks to
Ric Rainbolt); additional photographs for the Ultimax (thanks to Rayzor);
additional photographs of the 900 plus new technical information on
expansion cards and peripherals from (I suspect) Dave Haynie, though the
original information was unattributed; and lots of news clippings scattered
about the site courtesy of Anthony Beckett, including the LCD, 1572 and 900.
Also a lot of custodial updates, as well.

I'll start loading in the backlog into Commodore Knowledge Base in the near

The Tomy Tutor site on retrobits also got an update, for those curious.
If your DNS has already updated, you too can enjoy an updated cartridge list
with most of the Japanese imports now added, more programming information and
keyword analysis, and now a growing memory map of the Tomy's VDP usage for
all you Tutor hackers. :-P

Again, the address(es) is (are) the same; just wait for your ISP's DNS to
update if you keep getting the old site.

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