Digalog computer?? was Re: VME connector name?

From: Ken Seefried <ken_at_seefried.com>
Date: Mon Jun 18 21:01:26 2001

From: ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk (Tony Duell)

>I don't know this machine at all, but I suspect that the rack height is
>actually 5.25" (which is called '3U'). The boards sound like single
>height standard eurocards, which are 100mm high by 160mm deep. Getting
>prototyping boards for this machine is no problem :-)

Well...he didn't say wether the cards are vertical or horizontal. It could
be that he's got a 6U VME backplane with only P1 connectors, especially if
it's an old computer.

>Unfortunately, the DIN41612 connector was used for many buses, not just

This is definately true, probably because they are fairly mechanically

Ken Seefried, CISSP
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