Have some bits for the cost of shipping-

From: Greg Linder <glinder_at_ews.uiuc.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 18 21:32:02 2001

        I dug some fun bits out of a local surplus place, and want to know
if anyone here wants these- I saved them only to put up here, because I
would rather they float out to the Classicmp world than get chopped to

        * AT&T Unix PC/ 3B1- I have one of these at my house, with a lot
of cards and docs and stuff. I saved this one out of a dumpster. It boots
up okay, is really pretty clean, although the keyboard is kind of
dirty. Has all its keys, drive sounds good, fans spin, pretty nice shape
all in all.
        * Zenith SuperSport 286 laptop- I grabbed this mainly because it
had the battery pack with it, and the one I got seems to hold a charge- I
charged it up last week, and it still goes now. Something like a 20 meg
disk and 640k ram. I have a suitably vintage 386 I use mainly for Telix to
work on my headless VAXes when the network goes down, and don't need this
one- Has power supply, battery, and a typing tutor on the HD, just in
case you need to brush up..
        * Slightly newer than 10 years- An IBM POWERServer 340H. About
the size of a PC-XT case. Not a big rolly one. This one is pretty full of
memory, boots up allright, except it seems some of its happy bits were NFS
mounted- It comes to a login prompt, but as usual I have no password. I
really would like to keep this machine, but I don't see myself having time
to work on it any time in the near future. According to the brief research
I did, none of the free Unices support this yet- You'll have to use AIX.

        If you are interested in any of the items above, feel free to give
me an email- It's yours for the cost of shipping, or pickup around Chicago
or central illinois area.


                Greg Linder
Received on Mon Jun 18 2001 - 21:32:02 BST

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