Wave of the Future

From: Geoff Roberts <geoffrob_at_stmarks.pp.catholic.edu.au>
Date: Mon Jun 18 22:03:29 2001

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> What is this crap? A robot fishing for active email addresses?

Right at first guess. Just crap. Spam.
The quotation regards a bill that never made it into law, but lots of
spammers keep quoting it anyway.
Until the US cleans up it's act and makes it unlawful (with sufficiently
scary penalties) to stop them advertising their crap to the entire
universe you will see this garbage, relayed by various devious means, to
whatever email addresses they can find and make into lists that are then
sold to would be entrepreneurs. What pisses me off is that they are too
stupid (and doubtless don't give a shit anyway) to remove non US
addresses, we have to filter a host of irrelevant crap here at our mail
Oh, and the 'remove' list either:-
1) doesn't exist
2) did exist but has been either flooded and closed or just closed by
yahoo once someone tipped them off it was there.
3) is an address confirmation site, msging it confirms a 'live' email
address and you get another flood of fresh spam.
4) both 2) and 3) above.
The expressions "Ugly American" and "Yankee Trader" spring to mind....

Geoff in Oz
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