Today's Exciting Acquisition & Microvax 3100 Question

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Date: Mon Jun 18 23:06:29 2001

> It's a half height drive. Ah, so a TZ30 is just a SCSI TK50? Can I use the
> tapes I write in my TK50 on my MVax II? (I lost track of DEC stuff after
> the MVax II. Kinda sad really.)

Yes, the TZ30 is a SCSI TK50 drive, not to be confused with the TK50Z, which
is a full hieght SCSI TK50.

> I suppose I'm not completely against running VMS on it though I can't
> afford the hobbyist license right now. ($100 isn't it? Or is that for the
> Unix hobbyist license?) I used to do ALOT of stuff on VMS Vaxen and have
> even toyed with the idea of having a nice one around to telnet into just
> to say I can. I'm just not sure I'd want to USE it for anything, however.

The Hobbyist license that costs $100 is Tru64 for Alpha. VMS is free with a
DECUS (OK, now it's Encompass) membership, and the media kit if you need it
is something like $20 (I forget what).

> I suppose I feel the same way about Vaxen that I do about Intel boxes.
> Perfectly acceptable hardware, horrible default operating systems.
> Intel - Linux
> Vaxen - NetBSD =-)

Not quite....
Intel - Linux or Solaris
VAXen & Alpha - OpenVMS
DECstation - NetBSD
Sparc - Solaris

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