VUNIC/VUnet Update

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 23:43:49 2001

"Anthony Clifton -" wrote:

> The thing will be dirt simple and ugly but we won't let that trouble us. =)

just do it the original way and it'll be fine.

> In the meantime, I'm reserving names on a first-come-first-served basis.

I'll take "phicus" (tho don't believe others would claim that name
before me.)

> I may have to come back to folks and collect further information so the
> database will be compatible with the UUCP Mapping Project databases,
> which they discontinued last year.
> One concern I have is that, even though I've stated that my purpose is
> primarily to help Vintage computer collectors, that the general UUCP
> will want me to maintain a GLOBAL map. I'm not opposed to this but I'd
> need ALOT of help to keep it up to date, etc. Or maybe not.

Well, only vintage people will use UUCP these days to communicate
globally. I have three more thoughts:

1) Evi Nemeth, Unix System Administration Handbook contains a chapter
on uucp. That book is a book to have anyway.

2) The manual pages on uucp(1), uux(1), and uucico(8) are right there
in evey good BSD installation.

3) Last time I looked into my file, I found mention of
a uucp relay, don't know where that has gone.

4) I guess the real fun of uucp is if we do this using dialup modems.

5) Is there UUCP for the Commodore 64?

6) If what you're really interested in is just another network, you
can do the same with TCP/IP using the network. Isildur has
started the NX network already.

7) you asked for an archive format, this will be close to impossible
to resolve on a true multi-platform basis, but you don't really care
because most of the files you want to transfer are platform specific


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