CD Eating Fungus?

From: Terry Collins <>
Date: Tue Jun 19 01:13:22 2001

Don Maslin wrote:

> Yes, but "leaving nothing behind." NOTHING? Hard to believe.

Well, it leaves the fungi!

It really depends on what they mean by "nothing". Probably nothing
visible to the naked eye. I always keep in mind that a lot of stories
could be of the standard of a report from News of The World (make it
interesting and damm the truth*), so I will not be investing in an
controlled atmosphere safe to store my CD's in yet.

OTOH, it could just be one of those bad first batch(es) CD's that the
layer's broke down anyway and a fungi has just invaded the space. It all
really need independent, scientific verification from someone with a bit
of knowledge and experience.

*I've lived in Australia for 40 years and never seen a Kangaroo in a
sports coat. Yesterday, we safely went koala tracking and never once did
the mum and babe hiss, spit, bare the claws or doing anything one might
expect of a killer koala. We will be going again as the wife left the
film out of the camera {:-).

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