CD Eating Fungus?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Jun 19 04:35:55 2001

> > I recall those was also one of the reasons it
>> was said that MO disks were superior to CD-R media. As far as I
>> recall, it was said to also get into the disk by going between the
>> sandwhich layers and it appeared on an affected disk as black spots.
>> Couldn't a fungus attach itself to the adhesive used to bond the
>> various layers of a CD-R? If not a fungus, it certainly seems
>> reasonable that the aluminum surface could possibly oxidize after a
>> while.
>Yes, but "leaving nothing behind." NOTHING? Hard to believe.

        I've never seen it said that a fungus or whatever did away
with the whole aluminum layer of the CD, just that black splotches
would appear. Even oxidation would leave something behind.

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