Today's Exciting Acquisition & Microvax 3100 Question

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Tue Jun 19 10:51:40 2001

> > I have one VAX system (and one Charon-VAX emulator)
> Just Heard of Charon two days ago
> ( ).
> Anyone been using it heavily? Sounds too good to be true

I use it on my laptop, but the free hobbyist version is
very limited (no ethernet, MVII only, 16MB maximum memory).

The VAX emulator I'm looking forward to is Tim Stark's,
but right now he's concentrating on his PDP-10 emulator.

> > [warning, topic drift ahead!]
> > I haven't had to deal with ELN for a couple of years now.
> Long since forgot about ELN. Remember it from the product
> lists. What was it, exactly?

ELN was a real-time operating system for the VAX.
Eric Dittman
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