Elm, Outlook, and Pine [Was Re: Today's Exciting Acquisition & Microvax 3100 Question]

From: Brian Chase <bdc_at_world.std.com>
Date: Tue Jun 19 11:51:29 2001

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Jim Strickland wrote:

> my e-mail, the exceptions being at work where I have to use Microsoft
> Virus Transfer Protocol (outlook) and at home when I get a message
> with a mime attachment, when I just leave the message in the inbox and
> suck it down onto my BeOS machine in Postmaster.

Ah-ha... See, that's where you're mistaken. If you were a Pine user then
you'd know that recent version of Pine will interface just fine with
Microsoft's Exchange server. This is how I survive in environments which
favor MS mail products.

Most Exchange servers are setup to allow IMAP access. You can configure
your pine client to access any number of IMAP server inboxes. You can
also see your Outlook calendar appointments and point to the Exchange
server as an LDAP directory server in order to access the global address

A nice side-effect of using IMAP is that you can save your messages in
IMAP folders. This gives you access to a central repository of folders
from anywhere on the network. Secure connections are supported if Pine is
compiled to use OpenSSL tools.

And then there's the obvious benefit of not having to worry about virii
when running a non-Outlook client.

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