8008 book identification

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Date: Tue Jun 19 19:38:56 2001

RE: 8008 book identificationYes, this is it. Another list member had sent me an email identifying it... so far I have not been able to locate a copy, but I'm trying....

I must have had the 1st edition, as I don't recall anything about the 8080.

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  Could you be referring to "Microcomputer Design" by Donald P Martin and published by his company, Martin Research in Northbrook, Illinois? It has a black cover with a photograph on the front of integrated circuits lit from below. A large format squarish paperback about an inch thick. I don't see an ISBN listed, but the Library of Congress Catalog number is given as 76-1530.

  It is full of practical application advice about the 8008, and includes stuff about the "new" 8080 too. The last chapter describes various "minimal microcomputer" circuits and Martin's own product line of Modular Micros such as the MIKE models 3 and 4.

  I have the 2nd edition published in 1976, and it is a treasure.

  Arlen Michaels

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    Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but I haven't been able to dig up any information with a search engine, probably due to my very vague search terms...

    Around 1974-6 I had a book that covered 8008 system design, in a kind of cookbook fashion. I'm thinking it might have been published by Ohio Scientific, but that's far from reliable. As I recall, the cover was black and it was relatively thick. I built a 8008 system using it (wire wrapped, with 256 bytes of RAM), but book and computer have both vanished since then. I'd like to find another copy for nostalgia's sake.

    Does anyone have any clues?

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