Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Wed Jun 20 12:02:05 2001

> At 06:25 PM 6/19/01 -0600, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >I'm not sure why this continues to be the problem that it is. I agree that SPAM
> >is terribly annoying, but can't comprehend why it can't be dealt with from the
> >INSIDE, i.e. simply rewrite the SMTP/POP protocol rules such that mail only
> >allows a single addressee, and that any server that sees more than one destinee,
> >either in the "to" field or the CC field, it simply pitches it in the bit
> >bucket.
> >If I ever want to send several people the same email, which I've not yet done,
> >after about 10 years of internetting, I'd simply write a script to do that.

Any software that would block sending SPAM would also prevent the
operation of list-servers, SUCH AS THIS ONE. Conversely, when any
system is implemented, what would prevent a spammer from using a copy of
majordomo and involuntarily subscribing everyone to his spam mailing list?

BTW, MOST of the SPAM that I receive does NOT show more than one address
in the header by the time that it gets here. Perhaps some of the SPAM is
being done with a script just like the one that Richard would write?
I think that we can assume that Richard has not been writing scripts for

While I do not claim to know what is CURRENTLY being done, it would
certainly be trivial for a program to generate millions of messages, where
each one enters the mail system as a seperate message.

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