CD Eating Fungus?

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Wed Jun 20 16:31:42 2001

At 07:48 PM 6/20/01 +0000, Pete wrote:
>But aluminium oxide is Al203 and it's a white powder. Or a rather
>attractive (and, yes, very hard) crystal, known as carborundum, ruby,
>emerald, amethyst, etc depending on the impurities :-) The only place
>you'd get AlO2 (which is also white/clear, by the way) is as aluminate ions
>in solution.

My aluminum CDs oxidize black, my aluminum sailboat rigging used to,
(before I got rid of it), aluminum cans that I tried to melt at one point
also turned into the a black form of the Aluminum oxide powder. Perhaps
there are other impurities in it that change its color, I don't know, I
just observe. Now is someone had a classic HP spectrometer I suppose I
could put this stuff in there and see what it said it was. :-)

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