Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Jun 21 10:52:58 2001

THAT's why we need absolute traceability. Some sort of tunnelling-proof
encapsulation, perhaps with server-to-server encryption that guards against
spoofing. Nothing's perfect, though, and there's no way to make sure somebody
can't corrupt a scheme.

There is a way to stop/impede this sort of thing. It's just got to become
important enough for someone to make the investment to do it. Perhaps it's
necessary to block the domain from which a mail with an invalid address comes,
thereby making it the domain owner's problem eliminating the originator from his
domain, passing the block upstream until everybody in the spurious source path
is blocked, thereby forcing them to eliminate the offender. Of course, if this
were simple, someone would already have done it.


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> The ones that really piss me off are the ones that arrive showing my
> name in the FROM: block
> Jeff
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