Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Jun 21 15:47:48 2001

If one simply sends 10^512 LONG daily emails to the source, it will bring the
server to its knees. However, since we're trying to preserve bandwidth for the
rest of us ...


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> > So they spam from Belize <http://www.belize.net> and get off scott-free?
> >
> > The solution is Athentication. When we KNOW who is knocking at the door,
> > we can open it or keep it shut.
> > Caller ID has helped for phones - if I don't recognized the phone number,
> > or (worse) it's "restricted", the call goes straight to the answering
> But we don't have an Internet Caller ID -- we just have a reverse DNS lookup
> and identd, and that last is so easy to spoof ... In fact, stockholm has a
> fake identd running that answers 'nobody' to every query, just as an object
> example, to satisfy stupid services that insist the other side be running
> some sort of ident.
> Besides, the reverse DNS lookup doesn't help much with the mega-scale
> spammers who operate on six billion throwaway accounts.
> The Amazing Mailhole, which I wrote and use here, makes people authenticate to
> get mail through the public E-mail address I expose, but spammers still send
> mail to it anyway (it's just ignored) and people usually ignore the
> instructions and I never see the mail until days later when I'm cleaning out
> the spam folder where the Mailhole has routed all the unauthenticated
> messages.
> There's no good solution for this other than legal action. After all, I want
> my cut of the hard disk here and CPU time and electricity and network
> spent handling mailing lists I didn't subscribe to and can't get off of.
> Surely I can sue them for that. (I'm only *half* kidding.)
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