Boom cars (ot for sure...)

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Jun 21 17:06:00 2001

> Perhaps a trip to soundtrack for a sufficient stereo of your own,
> some protective earphones, and a good cd of the 1812 overature?

A friend of mine was telling me this story where he was on a street corner
and some jerk was blasting out the neighbourhood with This Year's Annoyingly
Foul Rap Artist. Up behind him comes this Corvette and the Corvette's driver
sticks his head out and asks the miscreant to please turn it down, to which
the driver's response was a single finger salute and more volume. So the
Corvette driver, without a word, turns on his stereo and proceeds to drown
the entire intersection in Vivaldi.

The expression "some of his own medicine" comes to mind.

By the way, I never noticed the snippet of the 1812 Overture before in
Rush's "2112 Overture". Shows how ignorant you can be about music. :-)

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