VT1000 info?

From: Peter C. Wallace <pcw_at_mesanet.com>
Date: Thu Jun 21 17:34:14 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Tom Uban wrote:

> Does anyone know the correlation between the ROM version and the "model
> numbering" of the DEC VT1000 machines? My understanding is that the
> VT1000 is the same machine as a VT1200 and VT1300, with different ROM
> versions.
> In particular what does ROM version 2.0 make?
> --tnx
> --tom

        Dont know about VT1000, but VT1200 and VT1300 are completely
different beasts, VT1200 a ROM based Mono Xterminal using the TI 34081?
processor. It has a really old version of X, maybe 11.3 in its ROMs.

        The VT1300 is just a VS3100/30 with no disk controller or drive
plate and loads its XServer from the net (same server as VXT2000 I

Peter Wallace
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