Punched card readers

From: Brian Knittel <brian_at_quarterbyte.com>
Date: Fri Jun 22 02:08:38 2001

Does anyone know where to find a punched card reader
these days? I'm looking for a small desktop unit that
I could interface to a PC.

I know DEC sold a model CR11, and there were others
out there. I remember using some neat little card
readers that were stationed here and there on campus
at UC Berkeley in the 70's for remote job entry to
the CDC-6400 (and if I remember correctly they had a
DG Nova underneath).

Are there any of these out there, that I could
take, borrow, or buy? I'll be starting an IBM
1130 software archiving project later this summer.

(I did a google search and about all I found were
requests just like this one, from the classiccmp
archives. Hmm. And there's one place that'll rent you
a desktop reader for $1500/month).


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