OT: replacment tray for HP DJ1200C printer

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Fri Jun 22 04:19:26 2001

The Deskjet 1200c is also known by it's product number of C1767A and the
tray part number is C1676-60122 (tray kit w/ upper and lower tray) and HP's
list price is $49.00 which includes shipping. You can order it yourself by
phone (800-227-8164 from 5a to 5pm PST) or go to http://partsdirect.hp.com
and "shop for parts" putting a quantity of 1 on the qty box and the above
part number in the part number box. I normally can get a discount on them
and even drop-ship to a person but HP is screwing around with the ASP system
and I'm not able to access them my normal way.

Since you have the part number also go to www.printerworks.com or
www.agson.com and check with them on price. Both sell to the public and are
usually under HP's price. Agson's online database sucks so I recommend
calling them on the 800 number.

The 1200c and 1600c are durable and expensive printers and well worth the
cost of even buying the tray kit from HP at list, unlike some of the junker
inkjets made by Canon, Epson, Lexmark, etc. The 1200c and 1600c are more in
the professional series as well.

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>Has anyone got a reliable recommendation on where one might obtain a
>paper tray for the HP DeskJet 11200C printer. I'd like to know whether
>tray is interchangeable with any other printer or plotter models, in the
>anyone knows that.

Ebay or worse some legacy support joint. The catch with paper trays is that
almost NONE of them have any kind of identifying marking, so that when I
find a "tray" if I can't visually ID it, most of the time I know its going
to NEVER be IDed, hence no value to anybody. Most of them get tossed.

I don't recognize that printer model, but do see 300XL and 1200XL
(unfortunately also typically going in the trash).
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