Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Jun 22 09:29:36 2001

It's not grassroots capitalism, but it is human nature. If you could get
someone else to pay your electric bill, wouldn't you use it, at least so long as
it was legal?

Capitalism is not evil. Letting others take a free ride at your (and others')
expense because it's easier to allow it than to prevent it is what's evil.

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> Richard Erlacher skrev:
> >If I ever want to send several people the same email, which I've not yet
> >done, after about 10 years of internetting, I'd simply write a script to do
> >that.
> I do that each and every day. Friend A and Friend B are both usergroup
> members and our interests overlap quite well, so bouncing messages between the
> three of us comes natural.
> >It should be a requirement for an email message to get through even ONE
> >server beyond its point of origin, that the message have the real point of
> >origin in it and that the point of origin be listed in the text of the
> >message as well as in the header. Any message in which the originator is not
> >named and traceable via FINGER, with a validated account, can simply be
> >dropped. It is easy enough to reject unwanted mail, provided you have a list
> >of acceptable sources.
> My provider dropped finger a while ago due to security holes in their d?mon,
> unfortunately. Most "modern" providers wouldn't even know what finger was.
> >If you don't want to surrender your anonymity, we'll simply all have to put
> >up with the SPAM. Now, I get a bit of SPAM from time to time, maybe as much
> >as 20% of my mail, but it's pretty easy to recognize and delete. What annoys
> >me is that it takes more bandwidth to reject the stuff than simply to delete
> >it.
> What annoys me is that we didn't have this a few years ago. This is evil
> grass-roots capitalism at its worst.
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