Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Jun 22 09:56:46 2001

As I've suggested before, the SPAMming isn't the evil involved here. It's our
own complacency in tolerating the theft of bandwidth that SPAMming represents.
It doesn't matter today, but it will, absolutely, matter soon.

Bulk mail, whether in the snail-mail, or in email, is an effort to communicate.
It sends information to people who didn't ask for it, often because they weren't
even aware of the subject's existence. It's no different with SPAM. Sometimes
... rarely, for sure, but sometimes ... there's actually something of use in the
SPAM. Perhaps I wouldn't miss it, but once in a long while I do learn about
something that I find of use.


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> > >> One of my friends is a spammer, and what he does is setup a whole new
> > >> "persona" for each email blitz. Cost of doing business as far as he is
> > >> concerned.
> > >
> > >Can I have your friend's home address?
> >
> > He is a 6'8" 260 lb merchant marine, do you REALLY want to knock on his
> > door and explain what a naughty spammer he is?
> >
> Naw. I'd prefer a confrontation at 800yds with a Barrett M2.
> g.
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