Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com>
Date: Fri Jun 22 09:40:42 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Mike Ford wrote:

> And how hard do you suppose it would be for someone to make it LOOK
> extremely like an innocent person was spamming?

Genenrally, more than one form of evidence is necessary to convict anyone
for anything (except traffic tickets).

> What allows spam to happen is that most users pay the costs of all
> incoming mail, and spammers pay little of the cost of sending it. Turn
> that around, so that the bulk of internet support costs come from
> charges related to bytes sent, and spam becomes MUCH less attractive.

Immersing the nutsacks of spammers who get caught in scalding water would
be more effective.

> I don't see spam as a long term problem though.

Oh? I see it growing.

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