Punched card readers

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Date: Fri Jun 22 15:38:11 2001

> Yes, it was only single-feed, through a slot in the front of the box. I
> mentioned it though because he didn't specify a specific type and figured he
> might be able to find one with a little checking. Afterall, there are still
> ships using the Harris mini's as far as I know. I've not heard that Snap-II
> had been totally phased out of use yet.

Are you sure anyone is still using the Harris Mini's? BTW, I believe they
were a Harris 550. They were supposed to be phased out around the same time
as the Honeywell DPS-6's that made up SNAP I. I think NEETS Module 21 has a
little info on the Harris Mini.

Also, if anyone has the sourcecode for the "Star Trek" game that ran on the
Harris systems I'd love to get my hands on a copy! It wasn't the standard
X-Y Grid based Star Trek that has run on just about every platform (although
I think they did have one like that also).

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