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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 15:44:29 2001

>Really? I never had problems with Smartdrive on 286 and 386's. I remember
>running a IBM-AT with something like 10 Megs of ram, and using about 6-8
>Megs with smartdrive as a huge disk cache. Great way to make the system
>run like a bat outta hell (well, hard drives were big and slow back then).

        One of the big problems I remember with Smartdrive is that
people would shut the system down before all the cache had been
written to the disk. On any machine I set up, I always made it a
point to put:

        Smartdrv /c

        In a batch file called SHUT.BAT and I'd execute it to flush
the RAM prior to shutting down.

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