Punched card readers

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Fri Jun 22 16:45:16 2001

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> > Does anyone have Docs for the Documation punch card readers? I'd like to
> > hook one up to a PDP 8/e or 11, but i'm concerned about finding or making
> > the proper interface cable. I think the documation card readers used a
> > strange (to me, at least) interface connector that i'm not sure is available
> > anymore, plus I dont have the information necessary to create the cable.
> IIRC (questionable), they used standart V.35-type connectors. But since
> V.35 is generally a serial interface, and the reader would most likely
> be parallel, dunno about the pinout...

Take a look at this completed ebay auction, the last picture is a rear
shot, and if you click for a larger version of the back, you can clearly
see the connector.


And no, I dont actually have one of these card readers yet, but i'm
considering buying one even at the outrageous prices they are going
for ($300 or so).

-Lawrence LeMay

> How hard would it be to figure out which lines were input to the
> card reader (there might be an 'enable' line or something like that)?
> If it turns out there are no input lines to the reader, then all
> lines coming out are output, and in the case of the fairly-recent
> Documation readers, they should be TTL-level signals. Hook up a
> bank of appropriately-wired LEDs to determine which line are
> data and which is strobe.
> Just a thought... -dq
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