preserving / ressurecting old docs?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 17:07:27 2001

>Acrobat is nice but I think it's bloated. It won't be so much an issue as
>computers continue to get bigger/better/faster (mine is a P3 700Mhz, 128MB
>RAM, and handles them fine) but bandwidth is still a problem.

        Considering what people are saving to the Acrobat format,
both text and images, it does pretty well. There are certainly worse
file formats as far as bloat....the BMP format for one. A single
image saved in BMP can easily take up the space of a good sized PDF.
PDF's are also quite cross-platform at this stage.

        Plus, if MS can send an NT service pack of 90meg over the
wire with who knows how many people downloading it at once, a 4-5meg
PDF of a truly useful manual being downloaded by a small number of
people isn't going to make much difference bandwidth wise.

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