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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 18:27:33 2001

>It will display the registers. AL has the major version, AH has the minor
>version. If AH is other than 1F (on a 3.xx system that supports >32M),
>then I am wrong. (AX: 1F03

        At the moment, I don't have a functional machine that will
run the Zenith DOS, but here's the text of a message I posted about 3
months ago to Usenet with a link, which is still valid, that gives
some of the differences between the various DOS versions, including
Zenith DOS 3.3+
  I did a quick search on Altavista of "Zenith DOS 3.3" and came up
with the following URL:

    It states that Zenith DOS 3.3+ supported the larger partition size
supported by DOS 4.0. We had a couple of Zenith 248's that ran 3.3+
but most of ours ran Zenith DOS 3.2 with either 20meg (ST-225) or 40meg
(ST-251 or dual ST-225's) drives. The ST-251's were generally
partitioned into two 20meg partitions, even if using DOS 3.3+. This
was done for compatibility purposes since any extended 3.3+ partition
would be unreadable if the system was booted from a 3.2 floppy.
Judging from the way the timeline on the page is laid out, it would
appear that Zenith DOS 3.3+ may have been the first to break the
32MB/partition barrier.

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