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Date: Fri Jun 22 20:50:59 2001

> I'll have to see if I still have that NEETS module here. I
> don't remember the section on the Harris systems though. I know some

I think I've got it still, in fact I think I know where it is. I'm still
trying to get all the training manuals I collected over the years together.
However, I've got most, if not all of the NEETS modules I collected sitting
on a shelf in my Living Room. I just wish I had the old DS RTMs! They
covered stuff like core memory. Still the DP ones I've got have some cools
stuff since I've got the old 3&2 and 1&C with stuff like the IBM 360 :^)
There should also be a brief mention of the DPS-8 in there.

> I've played the Star Trek as installed on the DPS-6 but never
> on the Harris. Given the wide spread porting of that game, it'd be
> interesting to see an archive that included the various source
> versions for it.

The Harris system had a totally unique version (at least I've never seen
anything else like it). You were piloting the Enterprise against Klingons
IIRC. The real problem is that it's been 12+ years since I last played it.
I spent most of my time playing games playing Zork.

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