Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Fri Jun 22 20:21:42 2001

Richard Erlacher skrev:

>The majority of the SPAM I receive is not only from foreign hosts, but in
>languages I can't read. I most often don't even have the required character
>set loaded up.

That's odd, most spam I get, while a fair share is in Chinese, is in English.
Quite often, it is also stated that "this offer is only available to US
residents". BLOODY HELL! What do you think the ".se" means?

>U.S. law won' have any impact outside the U.S.


>In the meantime, let's keep the GOV out of our internet. All they'll do is
>limit our ability to use the thing. They won't make it work better. What's
>needed is a way to identify bulk mailings of all sorts, so that the sender
>can be charged proportionally to his/her bandwidth consumption. That's the
>REAL problem with SPAM. It steals bandwidth. Loss of this bandwidth will
>inevitably result in all of us having to pay for the bandwidth we use. That
>will result in the very people who should be using the internet using it less
>because it costs more to use it more. The bandwidth cost has to be
>structured such that high-volume uses pay MORE not less. Just like
>electrical power users, the use of more than a typical small household
>requires should be penalized with higher rates ... MUCH higher rates ...
>rather than lower rates as a reward for wasting more.

Erlacher, have you considered how much bandwidth you are wasting by not
snipping responsibly?

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