Wave of the Future (Spam)

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Sat Jun 23 01:14:38 2001

Richard Erlacher skrev:

>WE are the ones who pay for SPAM, and WE are not the ones who want it that
>way. Perhaps rewriting the email protocols can fix that, but the place it
>has to be worked out is in the IP/ICMP pair, among others, and in the TCP/UDP
>pair. Tracking the actual bandwidth used by a SPAMmed message probably will
>involve tunnelling protocols, which are normally avoided in order to preserve
>the layered architecture. My own experience with SPAM has shown me that even
>the application layer doesn't generally become aware of the actual source of
>the mass-mailing. Nevertheless, the challenge is to find that source and
>pass the cost back to him. It's not a priority today, because we're not
>charged by the bit. People are charged for bandwidth usage in some
>countries, however, so it's just a matter of time.

I'm using a modem, and as a matter of consequence I *am* charged by the bit,
since downloading 40 messages takes twice as much time as downloading 20.

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