SWTPC 6809 systems

From: Eric Chomko <chomko_at_greenbelt.com>
Date: Sat Jun 23 15:53:11 2001

Jeff Hellige and I just finished about a 5 hour working (playing?)
session on our
SWTPC 6809 systems. His system works great but lacked disk drives. We
did manage
to boot Smoke Signal Broadcasting DOS on his machine once we swapped
controller cards and first properly set a couple of baud rate jumpers.

My system had problems booting DOS and then had trouble even running
until I swapped
out the 6809 CPU card with another. I still can't boot DOS however. Both
my CPU cards are missing a 74189 RAM chip, whereas Jeff's has it. It's
not clear that that is the problem,
but is a starting place. I have managed to boot DOS in the past with
this RAM-less scenario, but the system always seems to work sparingly.

Anyway that's a brief recap of today's fun and seemed to be list-worthy
to boot (ah-geez another bad pun :).

Next time we're planning on Osborne's and CP/M.

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