Installing ULTRIX without a tape drive

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Jun 23 21:39:34 2001

At the usergroup, there is a DECstation 3100 and a load of ULTRIX cartridges
(I presume these are TK50, they are of the very square kind), some of which
are marked "RISC". I'd like to install these onto the DECstation, but
unfortunately we no longer have a SCSI TK50 drive (what did they call it now,
a TZ30?), so I have no real idea as to how to install it. Not that I would
have any such idea if we had the drive still, either.

However, there is a MVAX IIGPX system there as well, running NetBSD, which has
got a TK50 (I think this is a real TK50, since it's connected to a QBUS card
of its own). Could the DECstation somehow be coerced into installing off of
the MicroVAX?

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