New CPM find today

From: no <>
Date: Sun Jun 24 04:10:37 2001

"John R. Keys Jr." wrote:
> Picked up a LOBO systems MAX-80 today at a Goodwill for $3.99, no drives
> or monitor was with it. I will be going back on Sunday to see if they
> have more. Looked it up on the web using google and found that it is a
> TRS-80 clone and runs CPM. If I can locate some drives and software I
> hope can fire it up soon.

Nice machine! Got one in the early 80's and my brother ran his
accounting business with 2 of them, which I inherited when he went to
PeeCees. Had a pair of 8" floppy drives and a whopping 5Mb HD hung off
of it.

Still had 2 of them until my move to Houston 6 yrs ago. Used one at
work to format single density RX01's for our 11/45s, cheaper than
buying from DEC. I doubt that I still have any of the sw or docs, but
i'll dig thru my storage.

   - nick o
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