SWTPc S/09 is alive

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Jun 24 15:11:40 2001

>Congrats on the revival guys! I'd like to hear some more of the details
>you guys faced getting it/them going again.

        For my machine, it ended up being something pretty simple.
On the S/09, all of the baud rate generation stuff was moved off of
the CPU board onto the MP-ID bridgecard, along with all of the
addressing logic from the backplane. There are a number of different
jumpers which, in various combinations, control the baud rate
generators but I didn't have any of the docs for the MP-ID. It
appeared that everything was set for 9600 baud, but a few days ago I
finally got the docs for the MP-ID and it showed that the jumper that
controlled the low/hi baud rate line was set for Hi, for 38400, vice
low, for 9600. Yesterday we used Eric's Televideo hooked up to both
machines..today I used my Altos III to repeat the tests we ran from
the monitor program.

        As Eric mentioned, there are a number of interesting
differences between the machines, though externally they appear
identical. Among the more interesting things is that mine has a
totally passive backplane while his has various logic onboard, this
logic being moved to the MP-ID bridgecard on my system. Also,
according to scans of SWTPc catalog pages, it shows that my machine
is capable of addressing up to 768k while the 69/K is shown as being
able to address up to 56k, though the MP-09 cpu board is shown as
being able to address up to 384k. Both of our machines had 56k
installed, though nearly every board in mine had various
modifications and jumper wires whereas his tended to be untouched.
Though this is easily changed, his also had just the basic monitor
ROM while mine previously had two additional ROMs installed to
support OS/9, as well as modifications to the CPU board to better

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