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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 06:58:04 2001

> On 23 Jun 2001, Iggy Drougge wrote:
> > BTW, a while ago I looked at a very old 3Com full-length card. The PCB
> > was a rich blue, much like the 3C501, but that's a small eight-bit ISA
> > card, this one was full-length. For some reason the seller thought he
> > could ask more for this card than the 3C509s of another seller, so I
> > skipped them. Otherwise, they would have been a nice curiosity.
> Chances are good that these were 3C505 cards, which you need to make an
> ISA-bus Apollo workstation speak ethernet.
> Better still if they had the boot ROMs on them, which would have made them
> real Apollo parts and thus capable of netbooting same.

As I told Ethan, I don't need them now, but I'd rather have more
than see them in a landfill. OTOH, mine work, and have ROMs, so
I can dupe the ROMs should anyone need a working Apollo 3c505 ROM.

-doug q
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