AS/400 Terminal Keyboard

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 08:26:35 2001

By AS/400 terminal I assume you mean a VDT with twinax connection? Is it a
Decision Data, HP, etc? Most are proprietary in the wiring as well as the
UART and communications type and are not suitable for PC use. Even between
different brands they wire the KBs differently though they use the same
connector as PCs, both the DIN 5 and PS/2 type Mini-DIN 6.

As Elmer Fudd would say - be vewwy, vewwy can fry your machine
(or at least blow the micro fuse for the KB circuit).

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I have recently acquired an old AS/400 terminal keyboard in (apparently)
working condition.

The pinout on the keyboard, while 5 pins and the same size as an AT
connector, has the pins misplaced, so as not to plug into an AT jack.

I'm just curious if anyone has dones this sort of thing before
(i.e. plugging an AS/400 terminal keyboard into a PC). I'm on the
verge of Visiting Radioshack, however I have no information as to the
functioning of this keyboard.

Any information that I can find would be most appreciated (as I *love*
how this keyboard feels, and desperately want to use it :).

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