Recent cleaning of computer equipment

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 10:35:42 2001


I am sorry if some of you guys missed out on the recent transputer stuff

I gave away. In a month or so, I will be in London picking up 3 large
of transputer stuff (including an original mint condition IMSB001 in its

original INMOS blue bag!). Due to my limited space, I will be giving
any duplicate books, software, etc to anyone who wants it. In the near
I will also be cleaning out a warehouse full of transputer stuff (or
whatever is
left of it), so whatever I dont need, I'll definitely pass it along
I just dont have the heart to throw this out and I just cant get myself
to post this on
ebay especially when good people have donated all this equipment for
free. I only ask
that whoever wants this, just limit yourselves to *ONLY ONE* piece of
so that we have enough for everyone....



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