Looking for info - En-link Ethernet card for the Apple II

From: Michael Maginnis <celt_at_chisp.net>
Date: Mon Jun 25 11:06:44 2001

Found a card in the local thrift store's '99-cent grab-box-o-cards',
labelled 'En-link Apple II Interface'. On the back is a rubber-stamped
'Protoype' label. A Google search turned up nothing - the only thing I
could find was an obscure reference to the board in my Softalk article

July 84, P 68
'Marketalk News'

"An Ethernet-compatible interface that can make the Apple an intelligent
terminal in a local-area network has been manufactured by En-Link (4706
Bond Street, Shawnee, KS 66203; 913-268-6606). Utilizing current
standard LSI integrated circuits designed for Ethernet, the board
performs the necessary framing, retries, and error checking required of
the system. Other applications for the board include communication with
remote printers and terminals, $1,250. $750 each in quantities of 100
or more."

Anyone have more information about this thing? Specifically, I'd like
to get my hands on a manual and software (does software even exist?)


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