BIG haul of DEC docs!

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 12:00:41 2001

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 11:45:52AM -0400, Jerome Fine wrote:
> By the way, I understand that there is something in the works that is either from
> Mentec or Mentec approved re hobby licenses for PDP-11 operating systems.
> I understand that since it is being done for free, it is taking much longer than
> expected (it was hoped to be done already), but one aspect that will probably
> be included is to allow real DEC hardware - at the very least. For RT-11,
> the allowed versions will probably be extended to at least V5.05, but may
> not include V5.06, but since I am not directly involved, I will have to wait
> just like everyone else. I don't know if a ten year rule is being used as an
> implicit standard, but that may be the case if V5.06 is not allowed, but V5.05
> is permitted.

Great! I'd emailed them about this the other day but got no response yet.

> Hopefully the news will be confirmed
> by the end of the year - maybe sooner - maybe before COMPAQ sells the Alpha
> design team.

Whoops, too late. 8-)


Bill Bradford
Austin, TX
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