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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 20:32:29 2001

>Hm, what's this about sellinbg the Alpha team, and why? Have the Compaq
>executives suffered some kind of massive stroke or have they been free-basing
>(I think that's the term) on Windows NT discs?

        Here's the part of the text that appeared in the email I
received today from Encompass:

        "By now I'm sure you have heard of the historic announcement
Compaq made
        this morning. In brief, Compaq entered into an agreement with Intel to
        provide Intel with all of Compaq's Alpha technology and experience, to
        further Intel's Itanium design. In addition, over the course
of the next
        3-4 years, Compaq will migrate all of its server-based technologies
        (including OpenVMS, Tru64 and its Linux work) to the Itanium platform.
        Attached is a letter from Rich Marcello, Vice President and General
        Manager of the High Performance Systems Group, discussing this
        announcement and its implications for Alpha customers worldwide"

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