Looking for info - En-link Ethernet card for the Apple II

From: Michael Maginnis <celt_at_chisp.net>
Date: Mon Jun 25 22:15:05 2001

Mike Ford wrote:

>>>Found a card in the local thrift store's '99-cent grab-box-o-cards',
>>>labelled 'En-link Apple II Interface'. On the back is a rubber-stamped
> Go back to the store and turn the place inside out. Don't be coy, wave
> money, and ask to look through ALL the floppies, manuals etc. they have
> around. Don't delay. Ask if you can put a card up by the cash register etc.
> offering to buy anything related.

Wow - are the related materials that hard to come by? I did ask the
"computer" guy if he had anything more and he looked at me as though I
was speaking a rare dialect of a long-dead language. After a few
minutes of protocol negotiation, he explained that all he did was "plug
them in and turn them on - if they work, I price them and put them on
the shelf". The Apple this card came from was "dead", so he stripped
out all the cards and put them out for sale. Everything else (manuals,
floppies, everything) went to the compactor - he didn't have a way to
test any of the floppies that came with the unit, so out they went... >sigh<

He did let me root around their back room for a few minutes - scored a
NeXT cube for a dollar.


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