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From: Andy Holt <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 23:13:15 2001

> From: charles hobbs <>
> Subject: Trip to London, want BBC Micro stuff...
> This fall (Sept 29-Oct 3) I'll be in London...while I'm there, I'd like to
> pick up some BBC Micro stuff (disk drives, software, etc. would be nice).
> I know there are issues about charity shops selling electronic
> equipment, though...
Virtually no chance of finding such in a charity shop - much better chance
at a boot fair (still not brilliant, but I tend to see Acorn stuff
(Beeb/Master/Electron) at about 1 sale in 3 - Spectrums, Amigas, and STs are
more common. Macs used never to be found, but I have seen quite a few

If you have use of a car I can let you know the locations of 4 or 5 big boot
fairs in Essex. Get up early and you should be able to go round that many in
a morning (most of them finish around midday).

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