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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 02:16:05 2001

On Jun 25, 14:20, Iggy Drougge wrote:

> BTW, does anyone know anything about Bay networking systems?

Who bought SynOptics, and were in turn bought by Nortel...

> I once bought a big, white case at the fleamarket, which had been in
> at a power station. One label said "LAN BRIDGE REPEATER" or something to
> effect, and when I finally wedged it open, it seemed to be a VME system.
> "main" board had two 68020s, one at 16 and one at 20 or 24 MHz. The
> also had a floppy drive, which was accessed at startup, and spome status
> lights. Other boards had several serial ports, AUI and some other ports
> I couldn't recognise. The case had once been rackmouted, and had the
> brackets still.

Sounds quite similar to some of the older 3Com kit, such as the Netbuilder.
 I've not seen much old Bay Networks equipment, but if it's like the
Netbuilder, then it was a modular device into which you could put various
interfaces (on the Netbuilders, each has it's own processor, and the main
board is used to provide management facilites). Mine has FDDI, 10baseFL, a
couple of AUIs and BNCs for 10base2. It boots from a 4MB 3.5" ED floppy,
and I use it as a router (depending on what you put in, it can be a
repeater, bridge, or router).

> Bay have since been bought by another companym which in turn has been
> by yet another, which made finding information about it quite impossible.
> do people feel such a desire to dismantle the web sites of conquered
> companies?

Standard problem :-(

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