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Date: Tue Jun 26 08:11:20 2001

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> >But as I said, it depends on what you want to do. If all the devices are
> >close together, a simple relay-driver + relays might is probably the
>Do you know what I mean by, the urge to engineer? It is the irresistable
>force that makes us tinkering types want to make something instead of doing
>it. ;)
>Maybe that is why I have ended up doing process control work so many times.
>Its just fun to turn stuff on and off with the computer, and the bigger the
>mess of stuff, the better.

You might consider OPTP22 devices.

I'm currently working on a home automation project using OPTO22 technology.
I have found them to be easy to interface, flexible, cost effective, and
very reliable. The devices are controlled via a RS422 serial interface
(easily converted to RS232) and drivers are available for a number of OSs
including DOS, WINDOWS, and Linux. The protocols aren't that complex so
writing your own driver, if one is not available, wouldn't be too difficult.

Most of the work I've done so far is basic experimentation and prototyping.
I currently have a OPTO22 controller interfaced to a HP 9000/832 running
HP-UX 10.20. It can turn on and off a few lights, measure the temperature in
the house, etc... All the collected data is captured into an Informix DB.
The application(s) are written in PERL / CGI and I have put together a
rudimentary web interface. I don't have a static IP otherwise, I'd publish
the address so others could see the system in operation.

My ultimate goal is to build an automated Printed Circuit Board drilling
machine using a classic HP 3000 MPE computer running COBOL. I'm not sure if
OPTO22 is suitable for that application or not, I'll need to do a lot more
experimentation to make that determination. If it's too difficult, I may
wind up using a STD BUS computer as a smart controller/interface between the
drilling machine and the 3000.

FWIW: All the hardware I'm running is over 10 years old so, it is on topic.
With the exception of the 9000, most of it is closer to 20 years old.


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