preserving / ressurecting old docs?

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 11:15:38 2001

R.D. Davis wrote
>What we need is a method of good-quality printing, useful for archival
>quality, that's reasonably affordable to most people who already own

>Like manhy others here have most likely experienced, I've had
>laser-printed pages stick together, injet printed pages become
>unreadable when they get a little to damp, and dot-matrix output fade


Maybe there would be a way to load archival quality ink into an inkjet
cartridge and then print the documents on acid-free paper. I purchased 3
non-working HP 1200C printers for $20, included cartridges. They have
cartridges for each color ink. I'll bet they might clog if not cleaned

You could also perhaps find pens for a HP or other plotter containing
archival quality ink and then plot the documents on acid free paper. I know
you can get acid free plotting paper, the land plats I occasionally see are
drawn on linen or cotton paper. I've seen 60 year old copies that look
great. The modern ones are drawn by a plotter.

Hire a team of scribes to read and transcribe the documents on vellum, any
illumination would be a plus.:)

After some thought and research I have found the following:

Pointer to image permanence institute at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Pointer to archival quality inks for inkjet printers.

Pointer about lifetimes of inks and papers for inkjets, may be more image
oriented than text

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